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About Nordfold

Nordfold is a young Switzerland-based software company that specializes in software architecture and implementation of full-stack applications. We offer consulting services tailored to the needs of both large corporations and smaller businesses in a variety of sectors. A key strength of ours lies in the designing of automation platforms in the Network Security field.

Sebastian Schrepfer
Founder & Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer, Sebastian Schrepfer has acquired valuable experience in the financial and insurance sectors. His role as a Software Architect and CTO in a startup further contributed to his practical entrepreneurial skills. Throughout his professional journey, he also developed a profound understanding of service and task automation in the field of network security, particularly for large corporations.


Specializing in the creation of top-notch software from scratch, we have deep expertise in creating complex full-stack web applications deployed in cloud platforms as well as building up enterprise infrastructure automation solutions. Allow us to be the driving force for your technological evolution!

Application Development
  • Planning, Design, Architecture & Implementation
  • Full-Stack development (full application)
  • Distributed systems (e.g. micro-service architectures)
  • CI/CD cloud deployment: from pull request to production
  • Cloud infrastructure defined in code (GitOps)
  • API-first approach using OpenAPI
  • Security-driven application development
  • Focus: web app development
Application Development
Network Security Automation
Network Security Automation
  • Automation of Network Security rule orchestration
  • Implementation of Task Automation and Service Automation concepts
  • Securing a functional automation workflow using normalized APIs
  • Development of internal automation platforms
  • Implementation of enterprise-ready Network Security tools

At Nordfold, we employ modern technologies to create innovative solutions. Our philosophy is not solely about using the newest technologies but selecting those that best fit our customers' needs. Here is a selection of what we use regularly:


We look forward to being part of your journey towards technological advancement. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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